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Mastery Not Factory MP3s

MP3′s of Gutenberg’s February 2014 education conference, “Mastery Not Factory: How We learn What Matters,” are now available to download from the Audio section of our website.

Mastery Not Factory Conference

The MP3s include the talks by the four speakers as well as the Q & A session at the end of the conference:

“How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall: A Skill Based Life” by Gutenberg tutor Chris Swanson.

“Fear and Education: What Emotions Do in the Classroom” by Gutenberg tutor Tim McIntosh.

“Fishing for the Truth: Perception, Apprehension, and the Quest for Human Blessedness” by guest speaker Andrew Kern, founder and president of the CiRCE Institute.

“Apprenticeship and Skill Learning: Intersection of Violin Mastery and Classical Education from a Christian Standpoint” by guest speaker Brandon Vance, two-time U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion.

“Object Lessons and Q&A”


Summer Institute 2014: What We Have Learned


July 31 to August 2
A Celebration of Gutenberg College’s 20th Anniversary

2014 Summer InstituteGutenberg is celebrating its 20th year! Summer Institute 2014 will be a time for celebration and reflection. Tutors who began the journey with Gutenberg when its doors opened in 1994—David Crabtree, Jack Crabtree, Charley Dewberry, Ron Julian, and Chris Swanson—will share some of what they have learned along the way.

And, in keeping with Summer Institute tradition and the spirit of Gutenberg, participants will discuss selections from four Great Books—this year chosen by Gutenberg alumni (see below).

A performance night and banquet will add to the celebration.
We hope alumni and those who have been part of the Gutenberg community over the years will gather to help us celebrate. And we welcome anyone interested in Gutenberg to help us celebrate at Summer Institute 2014 and, we hope, profit by what we have learned.

Institute Details

Format: Two “tutor talks” will open the Institute on Thursday night. All the tutors’ talks will be on the topic of “What I Have Learned.” On Friday and Saturday, tutor talks will alternate with discussions of readings. Unlike previous Summer Institutes, the readings will not necessarily relate to the talks. In recognition of the students who have passed through Gutenberg’s doors in twenty years, this year’s readings will be selected by Gutenberg alumni. Lunches, dinners, and breaks will provide plenty of time for participants to interact with one another.

Venue: Gutenberg College, 1883 University Street, Eugene, OR

Cost (includes lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday):
By July 1: $35/individual; $45/couple
After July 1: $45/individual; $55/couple

Participants will be emailed a PDF of the readings after they register. Please note that late registration will allot less time to read the assignments.

Housing: Inquire at the Gutenberg office.

Registration & Information: Call the Gutenberg College office, 541-683-5141, or email.


(subject to minor revision)

Thursday Night, July 31st

6:30 p.m.: Check-in

7:00–7:45: First tutor talk: What I Have Learned

7:45–8:30: Second tutor talk: What I Have Learned

Friday, August 1st

8:30 a.m.: Doors open

9:00–10:00: Third tutor talk: What I Have Learned

10:15–11:45: First Discussion (Reading: Proverbs 1-9)

11:45–1:00: Lunch (cold lunch provided)

1:00–2:00: Fourth tutor talk: What I Have Learned

2:15–3:45: Second Discussion (Reading: Plato’s Euthyphro)

5:30–6:00: Dinner (provided)

7:00–9:00 p.m.: Performance Night (more about this later)

Saturday, August 2nd

8:30 a.m.: Doors open

9:00–10:00: Fifth tutor talk: What I Have Learned

10:15–11:45: Third Discussion (Reading: Franz Kafka’s First Sorrow and The Trial, chapter 9)

11:45–1:00: Lunch (cold lunch provided)

1:00–2:00: Fifth tutor talk: What I Have Learned

2:15–3:45: Fourth Discussion (Reading: Abraham Heschel’s A Passion for Truth, selections.)

7:00–9:00 p.m.: Banquet & Talk by David Crabtree (“Where We Are Headed”/CAPS Presentation)



David CrabtreeDavid Crabtree (M.A. classical Greek; Ph.D. history) is the president and a tutor at Gutenberg College. He is also a co-author of The Language of God: A Commonsense Approach to Understanding and Applying the Bible.

Jack CrabtreeJack Crabtree (Ph.D. philosophy) is a tutor at Gutenberg College, the author of The Most Real Being: A Biblical and Philosophical Defense of Divine Determinism, and co-author of The Language of God: A Commonsense Approach to Understanding and Applying the Bible.

CharleyCharley Dewberry (M.S. stream ecology; Ph.D. philosophy) is the dean and a tutor at Gutenberg College. He has authored two books, Intelligent Discourse: Exposing the Fallacious Standoff Between Evolution and Intelligent Design and Saving Science: A Critique of Science and Its Role in Salmon Recovery.

Ron JulianRon Julian (M.A. religion) is a tutor at Gutenberg College, the author of Righteous Sinners, and a co-author of The Language of God: A Commonsense Approach to Understanding and Applying the Bible.

Chris SwansonChris Swanson (Ph.D. physics) is a tutor at Gutenberg College.


Ethics of Sex in the Bible: Recordings


Jack CrabtreeGutenberg tutor Dr. Jack Crabtree explores what the Bible has to say about the right and wrong of sexual behavior: What is right? What is Wrong? And Why? Particular attention is given to contemporary questions and issues.

This class met at Gutenberg College from April 30 to June 4. Audio-only recordings of this class are available to download in our Audio section. Video recordings of the last two classes are available on Livestream until June 27.

Handouts to Accompany the Class:
Handout 1
: Considering Biblical Sexual Ethics in the Context of Modern Culture.
Handout 2: Biblical Sexual Ethics and a Biblical Theory of Sex.


To sign up for a Livestream account:

1. Go to

2. Click “Watch.”

3. In the gray search bar (top center), search for “Gutenberg College” to go to the Gutenberg page.

4. Click on an event listed, or click on the green “Follow” button. (Clicking “Follow” ensures that any class announcements will come to you.)

5. Click on “Join Livestream” if you do not already have an account. (You only need to set up an account once. Follow instructions to set up an account through Facebook or with an email address. After that you will need to log in to view events.)

6. Class handouts (PDFs) will be available to download from here on the Gutenberg website before the beginning of class. A link to the handouts will also be on the Livestream class page.


Financial Aid for International Students

A young man who grew up in poverty in Mexico has applied to Gutenberg for the fall. Despite having been abandoned by his parents as a small child and experiencing abuse and great hardship while growing up, he became a Christian and developed a love for the classics. His writing sample analyzed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and whether or not morality can be learned without God. And he observed about the classics: “They pictured a different world, showing the possibility of beauty and sublime ideas. Eventually, they inspired me to believe that I did not have to be a victim. I could be a victor.” He discovered Gutenberg last year: “Based on my research, I believe Gutenberg College is one of few campuses where honest intellectual inquiry is encouraged. I want an education, not just a diploma.”

Gutenberg wants to give international students like this young man the opportunity to study at Gutenberg. But these students face many obstacles, a major one being financial. To acquire the necessary student visa, international students must be able to show the source of funds to pay for college ($15,000 to $16,000 a year to cover tuition, books, fees, and room-and-board at Gutenberg), and visa rules severely limit their ability to work to pay for their education while attending school.

Gutenberg helps international students as much as it can, but more help is needed. Help could be a one-time donation and/or on-going contributions to a scholarship fund. (If you are a regular Gutenberg donor, please consider this help a special project rather than diverting your regular gifts to fund this need.) If you or someone you know (a company or foundation perhaps) would be interested in helping international students like the young man from Mexico attend Gutenberg, please contact provost Peter Wierenga ( or 541-683-5141541-683-5141) as soon as possible. We cannot finalize any admission arrangements without having a good idea of how to help with funding. Thank you.


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