Issues in Biblical Interpretation

Ron JulianAudio MP3s of Ron Julian’s four-part series “Issues in Biblical Interpretation” are now available to download in the audio section of the Gutenberg website and from Gutenberg’s iTunes U site. Ron taught the series in 1990 as part of McKenzie Study Center’s Biblical Worldview Program. McKenzie Study Center is now an institute of Gutenberg College.

Ron Julian is the author of Righteous Sinners, and a co-author of The Language of God: A Commonsense Approach to Understanding and Applying the Bible. For other articles and talks by Ron Julian, go to his author page on the Gutenberg website.

Get An Education First

My daughter, a Gutenberg graduate and budding entrepreneur, recently called my attention to an article in Blue Chip, a local monthly business magazine. Written by Tim Berry, president and founder of Palo Alto Software and the author of books and software on business planning, the article addressed the question “Are entrepreneurs born that way, or can they be taught?” After answering “both,” Berry commented on the value of an education for business:

Education is not the same as training….I’ve always valued nonbusiness education, such as liberal arts and science and math, even creative arts, more than business education. I’m biased, and I admit it. I’m the father of five grown independent adults, some of whom are remarkably successful in business, none of whom have business degrees. My advice to them was to get an education first: they could learn business later. And they did.

Berry acknowledges the value of business training, and he has an MBA from Stanford University, but first he got degrees in literature and journalism: “I made a lot more money with the MBA than without it, I’m sure. But I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had the education first, before the MBA.”

The common view of college as vocational training—“must prepare to get a job”—is a hurdle prospective Gutenberg students (and their parents) must jump. But, if Tim Berry’s experience is any indication, a liberal arts education like Gutenberg’s may be the best way to win the race.

Robby Julian is Gutenberg’s publications manager, editor of its monthly News & Views newsletter, and wife of Gutenberg tutor Ron Julian.


Truth Detectors

Gutenberg College tutor Chris Swanson“Truth Detectors” by Gutenberg tutor Chris Swanson is now available in our articles section. Andrew Kern of the Circe Institute commented on Facebook: “This is one of the better brief articles I have read on epistemology, and it never uses the word epistemology! Maybe that’s why. It is very, very clear. Read it and learn more about Gutenberg College while you’re at it.”

Chris Swanson has been a tutor at Gutenberg College since it opened its doors in 1994. He has a Ph.D. in physics and has done post-doctoral research at the University of Oregon. You can find more articles and talks by Dr. Swanson here.


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