Fall Community Classes

Fall Community Classes begin Wednesday, October 3. The classes are free and meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. These classes are recorded and available for later viewing by signing up through Gutenberg’s Patreon page.

This quarter’s topic: “Christianity and Psychology: Faith and the Mind”

Psychology is pervasive in our culture. Whether it be brain research, psychological studies, psychiatric drugs, advertising, or counseling, psychology impacts all of us one way or the other. How are we as Christians to think about psychology? What does it have to offer us? What are the limitations and pitfalls? What does it say about the nature of man? This quarter Gutenberg is hosting a series of talks and discussions to delve into these questions. We invite you to join us.

December 5: Speaker Panel and Q&A
Join us for the series conclusion Q&A. Speakers who participated in this series will have a chance to answer questions from the audience.

Fall Schedule

OCT 3 Larry Barber “Jesus and Psychology”
OCT 10 Nancy Scott “Facing Truth or Feeling Better, Part 1”
OCT 17 Nancy Scott “Facing Truth or Feeling Better, Part 2”
OCT 24 Paula Belcher “Psychology in a Humanistic Culture: Is There Any Room for Faith?”
OCT 31 No Class (Halloween)
NOV 7 Chris Swanson “Ways of Knowing: Psychology and Philosophy”
NOV 14 Julian Caballero “The Psychology of Salvation”
NOV 21 No Class (Thanksgiving)
NOV 28 Charley Dewberry “What is Man? Freud vs. the Bible”
DEC 5 Panel Series Conclusion Q&A


At Gutenberg, we hold two simultaneous convictions about truth seeking. First, freedom of inquiry is critical, and second, an authentic pursuit will lead toward God and Truth. In keeping with these convictions, community classes are intended to be a forum for exploration. They may or may not represent the beliefs and positions of Gutenberg College but are designed to explore topics of significance for our lives.

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