Winter Quarter Community Classes & Book Discussion

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The Community Classes below begin Wednesday January 10. The classes are free and meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The book discussion below is also free and will meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please join us.

At Gutenberg, we hold two simultaneous convictions about truth seeking. First, freedom of inquiry is critical, and second, an authentic pursuit will lead toward God and Truth. In keeping with these convictions, community classes are intended to be a forum for exploration. They may or may not represent the beliefs and positions of Gutenberg College but are designed to explore topics of significance for our lives.

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January 10, 17 & 24 • Larry Barber: “Learning from Conflict”

Larry BarberLarry Barber will present a three-week series on learning from conflict. Conflict is a gift. It grows us up. The purpose of this class is to consider several reasons why we have such a difficult time with conflict and why it is difficult to learn from it. The class will look at a variety of conflict management strategies and explore the consequences of what actually happens both individually and relationally with each strategy. We will also investigate possible underlying beliefs that motivate our responses to conflict. If we are committed to learning from conflict, it can provide an opportunity for us to develop a more accurate understanding of ourselves, take responsibility for our choices, and have positive consequences for our relationships and ourselves.

Larry Barber has been employed by Charis Foundation since 1994, where he offers faith-based pastoral counseling. He has served as a pastor in both California and Oregon. He is a member of Gutenberg’s board of governors and facilitates the Community Classes at Gutenberg College. Larry holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.


January 31 & February 28 • Søren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love

In addition to classes, Gutenberg offers book discussions led by Gutenberg alumni. Participants read and discuss a text chosen by an alumus. This quarter, alumna Carina Crabtree will begin a discussion of Kierkegaard’s Works of Love. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own copies of the book.

On January 31, please come prepared by having read the Preface and first chapter of the First Series, “Love’s Hidden Life and Its Recognizability by Its Fruits.”

On February 28, please come prepared by having read parts A, B, and C of the second chapter of the First Series, “You Shall Love,” “You Shall Love the Neighbor,” and “You Shall Love the Neighbor.”

Carina has this to say about Works of Love:

Carina CrabtreeI am so looking forward to reading and discussing Works of Love with you this year. In this book, Søren Kierkegaard presents a series of reflections on biblical love. When I read this book in the years following my graduation from Gutenberg College, I was struck by how profound, timely, and important this work by Kierkegaard was. Works of Love may be the book that has most impacted my understanding of the Bible’s central teachings: “Love the LORD your God, and love your neighbor as yourself.” I immediately began looking for a way that I could share it with the larger community. I hope that, in reflecting on Kierkegaard’s words together, we can come to a greater understand of God’s love for us, and of how it is that we should love one another.

Carina Crabtree graduated from Gutenberg College in 2012. Her senior thesis, “Never Enough,” focused on Solomon and Thoreau’s perspectives on a wise approach to wealth. Now a mother to two young daughters, Carina appreciates the foundation for life that her time at Gutenberg laid. “Gutenberg was excellent preparation for becoming a mother; I am so thankful for my time there, and for teachers who modeled the importance of parenthood.” Carina and her husband, Stefan, have been married for six years, and are currently the Gutenberg house managers.


February 7, 14, & 21 • Ron Julian: “The Parables of Jesus”

Ron JulianRon Julian will present a three-week class exploring his current thinking on the parables of Jesus. The parables are a well-known feature of Jesus’ teaching, but they have been interpreted in various ways throughout the centuries. This class will look at several parables and explore how they communicate and why Jesus’ teaching comes through them so powerfully.

Ron Julian has been a teacher at McKenzie Study Center, an institute of Gutenberg College, since 1982 and a tutor at Gutenberg College since it opened it doors in 1994. He is the author of Righteous Sinners, and a co-author of The Language of God: A Commonsense Approach to Understanding and Applying the Bible. He has a B.A. in linguistics and an M.A. in religion.


February 28 • Carina Crabtree: “Søren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love

Carina Crabtee continues of the book discussion she began on January 31. (See above.) Please come prepared by having read parts A, B, and C of the second chapter of the First Series, “You Shall Love,” “You Shall Love the Neighbor,” and “You Shall Love the Neighbor.”


March 7 & 14 • Charley Dewberry: “Environmental Ethics: A Christian Critique”

Charley DewberryCharley Dewberry will examine three common positions taken on environmental ethics. He will then critique them by presenting a biblical perspective. (Note: This class is significantly revised from an Environmental Ethics class Charley taught in 2007.)

Charley Dewberry is the dean and a tutor at Gutenberg College, a practicing scientist and stream ecologist, and the author of Saving Science: A Critique of Science and Its Role in Salmon Recovery and Intelligent Discourse: Exposing the Fallacious Standoff Between Evolution and Intelligent Design. He has a M.A. in fisheries and wildlife and a Ph.D. in philosophy, with an emphasis on philosophy of science.


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