Spring Quarter Community Classes

GC Class

Classes are free and meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please join us.

  • Charley DewberryMay 23: Charley Dewberry, “An Ecologist Examines Global Warming.”
    Dr. Dewberry examines the evidence for the existence of global warming—one of the most controversial environmental issues of our day—and critically examines the argument for it. He argues that the global warming debate is ultimately a symptom of a greater and more important moral issue facing us today.
    Charley Dewberry is the dean and a tutor at Gutenberg College, a practicing scientist and stream ecologist, and the author of Saving Science: A Critique of Science and Its Role in Salmon Recovery and Intelligent Discourse: Exposing the Fallacious Standoff Between Evolution and Intelligent Design. He has a M.A. in fisheries and wildlife and a Ph.D. in philosophy, with an emphasis on philosophy of science.
  • Walter SteebJune 6: Walter Steeb, “A Primer on Early American Fundamentalism.”
    Part of our American identity for the last three centuries has been wrestling with what it means to be a Christian nation, and fundamentalism is one interesting chapter in the story. Though not recognizing himself as a fundamentalist, Steeb is fascinated by its history in America. He plans to address the relationship between fundamentalism and evangelicals, how the liberal and modern worldview influenced the movement, how premillennialism developed, what roles science and epistemology played, and why being a fundamentalist isn’t all that bad—though he won’t recommend it either.
    Walter Steeb is a Gutenberg alumnus and current staff member at the college. He loves learning languages and thinking through ideas of philosophy, theology, literature, psychology, and history. Lately, his fascination with Christian theology has led him to focus on the history of American fundamentalism. His views don’t represent those of the college, though he admires what he learned there and is proud to be part of the organization.

Book Discussions
In addition to classes, Gutenberg offers book discussions led by Gutenberg alumni. Participants will read and discuss a text chosen by an alumus. Book discussions are free and meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please join us.

  • May 30. Toby Swanson will lead a discussion on The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul, which has played a central role in the Gutenberg curriculum for many years. The discussion will focus on chapters 1, 2, and the beginning of 5.


At Gutenberg we hold two simultaneous convictions about truth seeking. First, freedom of inquiry is critical, and second, an authentic pursuit will lead toward God and Truth. In keeping with these convictions, community classes are intended to be a forum for exploration. They may or may not represent the beliefs and positions of Gutenberg College but are designed to explore topics of significance for our lives.


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