Fall Quarter Community Classes Begin September 27

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Fall Community Classes begin Wednesday September 27. The classes are free and meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please join us.

Wesley HurdSeptember 27 & October 4: Wesley Hurd will present a two-part series on “The Arts: Finding Our Humanity in a Secular World.” These two talks will form an expanded version of his recent Summer Institute lecture. The talks will cover his view of why the arts are a unique and universal “language” trans-historically and trans-culturally. He will suggest some ways human art making provides paths to profound levels of knowing and understanding ourselves in the present world.

Wesley Hurd (M.A., Biblical Studies; M.F.A., Painting; Ph.D., Educational Policy) is an artist, lecturer, mentor, and the president of BlueTower Arts Foundation. He was a full-time tutor at Gutenberg College until he retired in June 2012. He is now on the college’s board of governors and serves as a tutor part-time.


At Gutenberg, we hold two simultaneous convictions about truth seeking. First, freedom of inquiry is critical, and second, an authentic pursuit will lead toward God and Truth. In keeping with these convictions, community classes are intended to be a forum for exploration. They may or may not represent the beliefs and positions of Gutenberg College but are designed to explore topics of significance for our lives.


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