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Winter Quarter Community Classes

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Gutenberg will host the following community class during winter quarter:

    • February 7, 14, 21, 28: Ryan Carroll, “The Kingdom of God: Prophetic Vision, Early First-Century Hopes, Jesus’ Teaching, and Me.” The “Kingdom of God” has posed problems for the faithful over the past three millennia. After the Babylonian exile, the unfulfilled hopes for a reborn Israel under a righteous Messiah led to competing beliefs among the Jews about what God’s future kingdom would entail, who would be included, and how it would materialize. During the Second Temple period (530 BCE—70 CE), different groups/sects all had their own take, and their practices swung from violence to asceticism—all done in hope of bringing about the Kingdom. Then the canonical Gospels present Jesus coming into Palestine at the latter end of this tumultuous period and equivocally proclaiming the Kingdom of God in his teaching and parables and actions (like entering Jerusalem on the back of a colt) that left both his contemporary disciples and those since puzzled about what the Kingdom of God is and whether or not it has already come. It is not surprising, then, that interpretive tension arises between those who want to take literally the Old Testament prophetic visions of an earthly, Messianic kingdom centered in what we now know as the modern nation state of Israel, and the potentially contrary data of the New Testament that can seem to point in other directions. This class has two goals: 1) to provoke questions and dialogue as we discuss the data and texts, and 2) to ground our discussion ultimately in the question, “So what about me, here, now?”

The classes are free and will meet at Gutenberg College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please join us.


Ryan CarrollRyan Carroll taught public middle-school English and History for nine years and then decided to focus on biblical studies and languages. He moved his family (wife, Jen, and three daughters) to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he earned his M.A. in Theological Studies from Regent College in 2016. (He already had an M.Ed from the University of Oregon.) He is currently working in the Department of Education at Northwest Christian University and also as an adjunct instructor for Bible and Education. Ryan says, “I am a long-time friend and fan of Gutenberg College, a drinker of (too) much coffee, and an eschewer of simple answers.”


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