Celestial Influence & You: Or The Unintended Consequences of Other People’s Choices

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Many people make decisions based on horoscopes, and the consequences of those choices are often far reaching. Celestial movements affect everyone via astrology, even if they do not believe in the validity of it in the slightest.


Moonrise Over Mountain

Moonrise Over Mountain


The forces of the blood moon began working on your life in April. This blood moon eclipse was a big deal. It kicked off a rare celestial situation called a tetrad of lunar eclipses where four lunar eclipses will occur spaced six months apart from each other. Mars was in opposition on April 8th, and we had a spectacular solar flare on April 2nd. Later in April, a partial eclipse of the sun produced a ring-of-fire phenomenon around the moon as it traveled in front of the sun. To top everything off, the Lyrid Meteor Shower added extra strength to these celestial events. Astrologers, obviously, made a big deal about these events.

The celestial movements for April were exciting! Awareness of their potential influence on you is only a fraction of the pie. Personal life, relationships, politics, finances, all of these can be influenced by the movement in the heavens. What type of energy you put into action in response to them is where the impact resides. These things that circle around earth and seemingly decide our fate—stars, moons, planets, the sun (all masses of rock, gases, or both)—how much can they influence our fates? Directly? Unless an asteroid the size of a house hits earth, which is very unlikely, then the celestial movements probably have little direct control over your existence. Indirectly? Maybe more than you can know.

Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another. ― J.E.B. Spredemann

So, you don’t believe in those signs-and-zodiac star stuff? There are plenty of reasons to disbelieve the pseudoscience of astrology. One of the biggest cases for why you should ignore your horoscope is the fact that horoscopes are written to the population that shares your birthday. Check out the nifty article and chart based on a Harvard study. Astrologers use our own minds against us. They have to write a list of vague generalizations that we can then convince ourselves are true. Frankly, a well written horoscope simply encapsulates a few things that could be predictive for just about anyone. If something happens during your life that reminds you in any way of “your” horoscope, then congratulations; pat yourself on the back: you’ve just reinforced astrology by making its generalizations relevant for yourself. It is subjective-validation and often called the Barnum effect. We believe something is true because it sounds convincing enough. Many people believe in astrology and their daily horoscopes due to subjective-validation.


Common Astrological Symbols

Common Astrological Symbols


To err on the side of Susan could be considered a modern astrological maxim. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Susan Miller, the most popular modern astrologer, was so freaked out by April’s celestial activity that she taught classes on it. You can even read Susan Miller’s Guide To Surviving An Eclipse. It is a sign-based guide to dealing with the effects caused by the eclipse. In a different interview with Business Insider, Susan defends the science of astrology, her greatest prediction, and how much work she puts in each day. Either for entertainment or in seriousness, millions of people check their Susan-Miller-crafted horoscopes every day.

Before you make a decision, ask yourself this question: will you regret the results or rejoice in them? ― Rob Liano

Well, while you may believe that there are no occult forces acting upon your life, there are people who believe that the heavenly bodies do influence mundane life—people who not only believe in the influence of celestial movement but practice that belief every day. They are walking out their faith making decisions in response to their horoscopes. This is about choices and the experience of their consequences. If your boss double checks financial moves against his or her horoscope, then in a trickle-down effect you will indirectly experience astrological forces working on your life.

Every choice has consequences. Choices can have unintended consequences. Often choices unknowingly affect others. We participate in the consequences of other people’s choices. Thus whether or not you believe in astrology, you do experience its indirect effect via the consequences of the choices others make—the butterfly effect so to speak.

Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results. ― Herman Melville

Many people make decisions based on horoscopes, and the consequences of those choices are often far reaching. Celestial movements affect everyone via astrology, even if they do not believe in the validity of it in the slightest.


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