Dear Friends: A Letter from Gutenberg’s Provost

Gutenberg College Provost Peter WierengaI love Gutenberg. I can’t explain Gutenberg very well. I can’t “sell” Gutenberg. Gutenberg must be experienced, and, with time, it sells itself. But I believe Gutenberg is one of only a few schools today that does higher education the way it should be done. That’s why all four of my children attended Gutenberg.

If a student wants a conventional education, a university just down the street from Gutenberg will deliver it. If a student wants a “safe” Christian environment, Gutenberg is the wrong place. But if a student has questions and is willing to be asked questions, if a student wants the opportunity to learn how to learn rather than simply how to take tests, if a student wants to see how things fit together—God, man, purpose, meaning, biblical truth—then Gutenberg might very well be the right fit.

Gutenberg is not a trade school. Job recruiters looking for narrowly trained technologists won’t be waiting for Gutenberg grads at the end of four years. But in a world changing at an increasingly rapid pace, where job training can become outdated with little warning, Gutenberg graduates are proven to have the tools and the cognitive and relational skills to be able to improvise, adapt, and embrace a changing vocational environment.

Unfortunately, this Gutenberg I love has teetered on the brink for the last five years, which is why I’m writing to ask for your help. While donations are up 10% from last year, they are still down 22.3% from 2009, when the recession was already beginning to profoundly impact giving. (And when students still thought that a mountain of debt and a college degree would guarantee a good job right after graduation.)

In March, starting with discussions at its quarterly meeting on the 7th, the board of Gutenberg College will decide if the college will take a freshman class next fall or if perhaps God is seeing fit to wind down this Gutenberg College adventure. I hope not. I have seen many lives changed in dramatic ways. I have seen many students successfully launched in life and in careers. And I hope to see many more in the months and years to come, including a healthy handful of new students headed our way in the fall who seem to be just what we are looking for in an incoming freshman class.

Many of you have been giving sacrificially to Gutenberg for years, and we thank you so much. But if any of you have the means to give to Gutenberg—either for the first time or in addition to what you have been giving—please consider a gift at this time. Or perhaps consider pledging a donation to be spread out over the next 15 to 20 months that would help get Gutenberg through the next school and fiscal year. And if you know good prospective Gutenberg students, please send them our way.

Donations or commitments totaling $150,000 is the goal we have set. Below are some specific ways that money could be spent. Please let us know soon if you are able to make a donation or a pledge at this time (one that would be separate from and in addition to what you have been giving). Feel free to contact either me or Gutenberg’s vice president, Dick Booster, in this regard.

All around us, the wasteful expense and the failings and the moral bankruptcy of colleges and universities are on full display. Gutenberg is a beacon of light seeking those who have ears to hear and hearts that are open and searching for truth. If you can, please help that light keep shining.

Trusting God,
Peter Wierenga
Gutenberg College Provost


Some Ways You Could Help:

  • $75 pays a student’s books & fees for a month.
  • $500 provides a partial scholarship for a month.
  • $2,000 pays a student’s tuition for a month.
  • $3-5,000 pays a tutor’s salary for a month.
  • $8,000 pays physical plant expenses for a month.
  • $48,000 pays annual interest on the mortgage.
  • $600,000 pays off the mortgage and leaves Gutenberg College debt free.

Did You Know?
Each month, biblical teaching by Gutenberg tutors is accessed more than 9,000 times by people around the world (in Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, and more) via Gutenberg’s iTunesU site. And other people access the teaching via the audio on this website. Your donation helps support this ministry.


The letter above was mailed recently to those on Gutenberg’s mailing list. Now we hope to reach those who may not be on our mailing list but who either (1) have benefited from Gutenberg College and the ministry of McKenzie Study Center or (2) see the value of the education Gutenberg offers. If you are able to do so, please consider helping Gutenberg/McKenzie Study Center at this time.

To pledge a regular or one-time gift over the next 12 months, please email provost Peter Wierenga or vice president Dick Booster. You can also mail donations to Gutenberg’s office (1883 University Street, Eugene, OR 97403) or simply use the “Donate Online” button below.

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